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Heating system optimisation

Many new and existing space or process heating systems fail to meet the design intent or clients' expectations.  This is usually the result of poor initial design, inadequate commissioning or system modifications and control alterations over the years.  Usually a combination of these factors lead to poor energy performance.


Detailed investigations often reveal that, amongst other issues, control settings are inappropriate, pump and air handling unit inverters are not correctly set, concurrent heating and cooling are taking place within the same zone, boilers are operating unnecessarily during the summer months and chiller plant is operating in the depths of winter.


To meet the original design intent, it is vital that pumps, flow-rates and balancing valves are correctly set.  Overall system efficiency is dramatically lowered if the system and controls are not set correctly.


Eta Energy have the equipment and expertise to:


Establish correct boiler and system flow-rates


Check and reset pump settings


check and reset system flow-rates


Balance fan coil and other heating systems


Check and set control parameters (optimised start/compensating curves etc)


In optimising BMS controls, and providing effective system balance, the best energy performance for any system can be achieved.


We can also install additional equipment to further optimise systems for reduced pumping or ventilation loads.


Equipment used includes Comdronic AC6 commissioning meter and remote pump controller, clamp on (non-intrusive) flow meters and energy loggers for longer term studies.  Other assessment equipment including thermal imaging cameras are employed as appropriate.



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